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ATA-Houston Calls for Donations for Victims of Earthquake

ATA-Houston Calls for Donations for Victims of Earthquake

February 06, 2023

Dear ATA-Houston Family,

ATA-Houston extends condolences to everyone affected by the deadly earthquake in Türkiye. The 7.8 magnitude quake took the lives of thousands of people and left many more injured. 

In the light of this tragic event, ATA-Houston established a GoFundMe account, to organize and coordinate the much-needed help for the survivors of the earthquake. Our Board and Executive Committee will determine which organizations to support as needs evolve. We will donate to nonprofit organizations on the ground providing lifesaving efforts and recovery assistance. You can also find links to other organizations and fundraisers shared below.

We will keep you informed of our efforts over the coming days. 

ATA-Houston GoFundMe Link:

AKUT - Search and Rescue Association

AFAD - Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency

AHBAP - Anatolia People and Peace Platform

Bank Account: Vakifbank TR2000015001580073186677809

Official Transfer Account of Embassy of the Republic of Turkey for Donations from the US: 
Bank Name: Bank of America
Branch Name: Dupont Circle
3 Dupont Circle NW, Washington D.C., 20036
Account Name: Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
Currency: USD
Account Number: 001923430455
Routing Number: 054001204
Swift Number: BOFAUS3N

To send materials and coordinate on the ground, İhtiyaç Haritası ( is currently working with other NGOs through Afet Platformu (

Ihtiyac Haritasi:

Türkiye Mozaik Foundation:

It is our sincere hope that Turkish American community and the friends of Türkiye will band together in solidarity to assist in whatever way possible to alleviate the suffering of the victims.

Warm Regards,


About the Author:

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