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Are Your Social Media Skills Level 18?

Are Your Social Media Skills Level 18?

February 06, 2023

Dear ATA Houston community,
We are looking for talented social media volunteers to join our Turkish team immediately.

If you are a student, young professional, or bored social media pro, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills to the world through nonprofit participation.

We’d love to join TikTok to promote the upcoming festival, and need someone on our team who can manage posting to that platform. We also need occasional help posting to ATA Houston’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We are gearing up for the Turkish Festival and many other events this year to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. We need help to spread the word about these great activities in the Houston area!

If your skills are inspirational, you have solid time management abilities, willing to learn about ATA Houston’s social media strategies, and excited to promote Turkish cultural activities, don't be lazy on the couch, show us how it's done proper!

Contact us at:

Instagram: ata_houston
Facebook: ATA-Houston
Twitter: @ata_publicity

LinkedIn: ATA - Houston

Thank you,
ATA Houston Executive Committee

ATA - Houston webpage